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  • 06 Jul
    Kinship Practitioners Forum 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

  • 21 Jul
    AFA Workshop: Brothers and Sisters 09:45 AM to 02:00 PM

  • 15 Aug
    SCF8 - Module 2 09:30 AM to 02:30 PM

  • 24 Aug
    AFA Workshop: Introduction to Kinship Care Panels for Panel Members 09:45 AM to 02:00 PM

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Upcoming Events and Booking Forms

Note: Due to COVID-19 all events will be held using Microsoft Teams until further notice.

As AFA Scotland is currently delivering all workshops online there will be two dates for your diary; the first is the substantive workshop and the second is a follow-up session which focuses on specific areas that the group raise on the day.  We have found this model of delivery allows for a more complete and reflective approach to training and attending both will maximise your learning opportunity.

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SC01 - 05/22 - 10/22 : - Securing Children's Futures

This post qualifying course is aimed at social workers and managers in children and families’ teams, family placement teams as well as other specialist settings across the statutory, voluntary and independent sector. Applicants will require the support of their employer to attend as well as validate their work. It is imperative that sponsoring agencies ensure their nominated students have the motivation, capacity and commitment to complete the course.  Please note this course will be delivered virtually using an online platform.

The course is at MSc Level 11 and attracts an award of 60 credits (postgraduate certificate) which can be taken forward to further study. The course is validated by Strathclyde University.

The introductory session for students and their managers will be on the 25 April 2022. The course requires virtual attendance at three taught modules of three consecutive days per module between May 2022 and October 2022. Assessment will be on the basis of three written assignments as well as an assessed observation. The final assignment is due in November 2022. Comprehensive feedback is available to students. A student handbook will provide all the required information.

For further information on dates and costs, please click here

WS01 - 11/05/22 - Adoption and Fostering Panel Advisers - what do we expect?

Facilitator:                  Ravinder Kaur, Trainer/Consultant

Date:                          Wednesday 11 May 2022

Time:                          9.45am – 2.00pm

Online Platform        MS Teams

Cost:                          £85.00 + VAT

The expectations of the panel adviser can vary across different agencies, so this workshop will look at the core requirements of the role in terms of quality assurance, maintaining consistency, providing and promoting a feedback loop and supporting everyone involved in panels to participate as fully as possible. It is a complex and at times, a challenging role and therefore discussions will take place in a supportive and safe environment.  For more information and a booking form, please click here

WS02 - 31/05/22 - Rethinking Family Time: Maintaining safe and loving relationships for children and families in kinship, fostering and adoption

Facilitator:                  Angie Gillies, Trainer/Consultant

Date:                          Tuesday 31 May 2022

Time:                          09.45am – 2.00pm

Online Platform        MS Teams

Cost:                           £85.00 + VAT

For Scotland to #KeepThePromise it will mean that love is no longer the casualty of the ‘care system,’ but the value around which it operates. There will be deliberate, persistent attention to upholding safe, loving relationships that are important to children and young people. (The Promise; Plan 21-24).  For more information and a booking form, click here

WS03 - 01/06/22 - Assessing Kinship Carers

Facilitators:                           Jane Steele, Trainer/Consultant, AFA Scotland

                                              Anne Thom, Kinship Care Consultant, KCASS

Date:                                     Wednesday 1 June 2022 

Time:                                    09.45am – 2.00pm

Online Platform                  MS Teams 

Cost:                                     £85.00 + VAT

The assessment of family members and known adults as kinship carers for a child or young person unable to live with their birth family is one of the most complex that a worker can undertake.  It is only through the completion of full and robust assessments that decisions can be made in the child’s best interests. 

This workshop will look at good practice in the assessment of any alternative family carers as well as key differences in the assessment of kinship carers.  Issues of power and partnership as well as risk assessment will also be considered.  For more information and to download a booking form, please click here

WS04 - 09/06/22 - Surviving and Thriving: supporting children's resilience and recovery from development trauma

Date:                          Thursday 9 June 2022

Time:                          09.45am – 2.00pm

Venue:                       Online Platform – MS Teams

Cost:                          £85.00 + VAT

Children who are in foster care, kinship care or are adopted have often experienced developmental trauma which can have a serious impact on their health and wellbeing. This can also bring challenges for those who care for them and can leave them feeling that “nothing works”. This workshop will consider the causes of developmental trauma and explore ways in which practitioners can support the recovery and resilience of those children and young people, either directly or through their carers.

For more information and to book, click here

WS05 - 21/07/22 - Staying Together and Connected - Assessing Brothers and Sisters

Facilitators:                Angie Gillies, Director & Rhona Pollock, Legal Consultant

Date:                          Thursday 21 July 2022

Time:                          09.45am – 2.00pm

Venue:                        Online Platform – MS Teams

Cost:                           £85.00 + VAT

It will now be a year since legislation changed and we began to examine our practice in relation to Brothers and Sisters remaining together and connected. This workshop will explore the legislation one year on, how we have adapted and offer an opportunity to explore evidence informed best practice in assessing and making together and apart decisions.  For more information and a bookign form, click here

WS06 - 24/08/22 An Introduction to Kinship Care panels for Panel Members

Date:                          Wednesday 24 August 2022

Time:                          9.45am – 2.00pm

Venue:                       Online Platform – MS Teams

Cost:                          £85.00 + VAT

Legal as well as policy drivers including The Promise have led to a shifting landscape towards whole family support and children being placed with their family. Many local authorities have now moved towards having a kinship care panel to oversee their assessments of children and carers. These panels are regularly dealing with complex situations in reaching the best recommendation for children and young people.  For further details and a booking form, click here

WS07 - 06/09/22 - Whose Minute is it Anyway?

Date:                         Tuesday 6 September 2022

Time:                         9.45am – 2.00pm

Venue:                      Online Platform – MS Teams

Cost:                         £85.00 + VAT

The role of the minute taker in adoption and fostering panels is a crucial one.  Adoption and fostering panels are underpinned by specific legal and regulatory requirements. Therefore, minute takers need to have a sufficient understanding of these requirements in order to produce a minute that is relevant, clear and appropriate.  for further details and a booking form, click here

WS10 - 01/12/22 - An Introduction to Adoption and Fostering Panels for New Panel Members

Date:              Thursday 1 December 2022

Time:              9.45am - 2.00pm

Venue:            Online Platform – MS Teams       

Cost:               £  85.00 + VAT

The Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007 provides the overarching framework for adoption and fostering panels in Scotland. 

The Promise has encouraged all of us to consider our practice and it makes key recommendations which affect the lives of children, young people, foster carers and adopters. Equally, many of the recommendations that panels make have life-long consequences for those involved.  It is therefore important that panel members have both an understanding of the role of panel as well having the opportunity to consider their contribution to this process. This workshop will reflect the updated Effective Adoption and Fostering Panels in Scotland good practice guide.  For more details and a booking form

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